Soul Food Ministries International provides FREE training in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a way of empowering and providing skills to help people live worthy and accomplished lives. Our ICT programs are cleverly designed to touch all aspects of Information and Technology and the major areas of specializations. This training program started in 2009 and has since seen students graduate after months of intensive training. We offer the following courses.

  • Computer Hardware (A+)
  • Computer Networking (N+)
  • Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Cisco Certified Network Administration (CCNA)
  • CCTV System Management
  • Ubuntu Server Administration
  • Novel Netware
  • Linux SLED

We award HNDE certification to students who complete Computer Hardware, Networking & Windows Server 2003/2008. Then students who want to delve deeper into Networking later offers Cisco Certified Network Administration. After completion, they are awarded Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. It is offered ONLY after completing HDNE. After CCNA students have the opportunity to learn CCTV System Management.

CCTV System Management is only allowed to be studied by students who complete CCNA.

Other courses taught in the school include Ubuntu Server Administration, Novell Netware & Linux SLED. This is offered to students who complete CCTV System Management.

Are you interested in any of our extensive Programs? Do you want to make an enquiry or perhaps you need help finding directions to our School’s premises? Feel free to CALL us on any of our helplines.

For any enquiry Please Call; 0240 081 733 • 0272 584 444 • 0266 255 028 • 0508 006 362

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