Soul Food Ministerial College

Soul Food Ministerial College provides a well-structured section procedure for students having the call of God. The school trains and equip students with the necessary tools for the Kingdom work by ordaining and providing them with a license to work for God.

We choose to live according to HIS will by focusing on these Biblical principles:
Matt 28:19 “Go and make disciples…”
Mark 16:15 “Go and preach to all nations…”

Therefore, we teach and equip our students with fundamental Biblical principles while developing their ministry skills. We aim to raise strong Christian leaders, so that they may plant churches and serve people of different cultures, social statuses, and age groups: locally as well as globally. Pastors are also council members. In that they provide emotional support to other leaders and parishioners, visit sick people in hospitals, and assist the poor through outreach programs. That is why we have structured our syllabus to cater the following;

  • Teach Biblical foundations
  • Assist in determining calling
  • Provide practical ministry experience
  • Prepare missionaries through intensive training
  • Support full-time missionaries and church planting

If you desire to see growth in your Christian life and ministry then come to the school where you are nurtured to discover your divine gifts and imparted through the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the Kingdom service.

Soul Food Ministerial College through divine direction runs three distinct schools which complement each other so as to meet the academic and spiritual aspirations of all students;

The School offers a place for believers from all levels of experience to receive training that will equip them to partner with the Holy Spirit for Healing & Impartation.

As God’s people, we have been called to Prophesy. But what does this mean? How does this work? These questions and more are what the School offers answers to.

Soul Food Ministerial College offers an ordination program that teaches you ways to master courage so you can stand in front of pulpit and congregation and preach without fear.

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